Jessica Biel

اسماء مستعارة: Jessica Claire Biel, Jesse

بلد: United States

ولد: 1982-03-03

عين: Hazel

شعر: Brown

ارتفاع: 170 cm

وزن: 55 kg

الثدي: Natural

المشاهدات: 5.1K

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Jessica Biel doesn’t like makeup. She said to people’s magazine that “It is pointless and I hate it”
Jessica Biel can’t live without her cell phone and sneakers.
Jessica had a dog named Tevy, which died in 2007. But, later she bought a dog named Tina (Pit Mix).
Jessica is amateur photographer.
She was formerly a vegetarian.
At 11, she once won an acting scholarship to the Young Actor’s Space.
She is a good friend of Beverly Mitchell. Jessica is 14 months younger than Mitchell but still played Mitchell’s elder sister’s role in 7th Heaven (1996-2006).
She auditioned for The Dark Night Rises and Les Miserables in 2012 but both the roles went to Anne Hathaway.
Jessica Biel is scared of spiders.
Jessica was voted 98 at VH1’s Hottest Hotties List.

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