Priya Rai

اسماء مستعارة: Priya Anjali Rai, Priya Rai Anjali, Rira Raid, Priya Rai Anjeli

بلد: India

ولد: 1977-12-25

عين: Brown

شعر: Black

ارتفاع: 160 cm

وزن: 45 kg

الثدي: Fake

المشاهدات: 3.3K

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Priya Rai moved from New Delhi, India to the USA at the age of two. Her father is a research engineer at Honeywell near Minneapolis. She dropped out of Arizona State University, Tempe to become an adult model. Her parents were very supportive of her decision.

Winner AVN Awards 2009: Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene

Hostess of the 2011 NightMoves Adult Awards

2011 NightMoves Adult Awards Best MILF (editor’s choice)

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