Pamela Butt

اسماء مستعارة: Adriana Vailatti, Ufuk Istanbul

بلد: Brazil

ولد: 1976-12-30

عين: Green

شعر: Blonde

ارتفاع: 165 cm

وزن: 53 kg

الثدي: Fake

المشاهدات: 384

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In 2007, she appeared in the humorous TV show Sem Controle of Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão. She received further mainstream media coverage in the following year, thanks to a video with her and footballer Vágner Love leaked to the Internet. She has been a prominent star of the channel Sexprivé Brasileirinhas, an enterprise of the TV network Rede Bandeirantes.
In celebration of her 30th birthday, Brasileirinhas organized a gang bang with Pâmela Butt and 30 Afro-Brazilian men including Kid Bengala. The event was later released on DVD with the title O Aniversário de nossa Estrela.
She is a former escort. A contracted pornographic actress of Brasileirinhas, she also performed in a number of US productions shot in Brazil.

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